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Name:Perpetually Behind On Purpose
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Just discovered Lord of the Rings, Pokemon, X-Men, and more? Need to hide out somewhere that cares that Iron Man was already someone before RDJ, and that RDJ was Sherlock before that fluffy-haired Brit? We are [community profile] dilatorius: inclined to delay (from Late Latin, dīlātōrius).

Our squee is not diminished for being delayed.

A community for those who are perpetually behind the pop culture wave and want a place to squee nonetheless. We welcome incoherence, flailing, meta, fanfic, fanart, narging, and more.

If you're [community profile] dilatorius, it can be a good thing for you in terms of meta information, walk throughs, and other goodies. Check out Wikia for information on your latest obsession. You can find many old games to love over at Good Old Games. For books, try your library or check out offerings like the Baen Free Library. Got more resources? Drop them here in the admin post.

FAQs (more to come as they're asked)
So, what's "old"?: in general, anything that's been available to the public for more than a year would qualify. If movies that went to theatre or shows that were on TV come out on DVD, they're "old". Please remember that there's a huge lag in UK/US exchange of shows and movies, though many people go through other channels to keep up.

What about spoilers?: spoiler alerts should be a given. Put things behind a cut and know that anything behind a cut may contain a spoiler unless it says "no spoilers!" on the tin.
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